How to Generate S-Curve using Microsoft Project 2003

In the previews hub I discussed about the use of s-curve in construction projects, here I will talk about how to generate the s-curve using MSP 2003. I will assume that you know the basics of MSP 2003. In this software, s-curve is generated by the value from the earned value analysis.

To do the earned value method, you must make sure that you have already set up your tasks, start date, finish date, cost, resources and ready to set the baseline. Once you set up the baseline, view the earned value table.

Go to View > Table > More Tables… > Earned Value

You will see the earned value table which includes tasks, BCWS, BCWP, ACWP, SV, CV, and other columns. You can add more columns to suit your needs, for example the SPI and CPI which are important in tracking the status of the project.
To generate the s-curve based on the earned value table,

Step 1:
Go to Project > Project Information
Change the status date to the finish date to view the overall BCWS, then click OK.

Step 2:
Click the “Analyze Timescaled Data in Excel” button. If you cannot find this button, right click anywhere on the toolbar and click “Analysis”.

It’s better to select “Entire project” to see the overall progress. Click “Next”

Step 3:
Choose BCWS, BCWP, and ACWP then click “Next”

Step 4:
Fill in the dates based on you project’s start and finish, and the units should be the most suitable time. Click “Next”

Step 5:
Check “yes, please” to export graph to Excel then click “Next”

Step 6:
Click “Export Data”

Final Step:
The graph will be in 3-D line, you can change this to 2-D line or any charts that suits you.

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